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Prime Filet Mignon - Wet Aged


Ready to discover a whole new world of succulent flavor? Then we introduce you to the Happy to Meat You Prime Filet Mignon. Every filet is meticulously hand-selected with exquisite precision and care. This pristine provision is center-cut from the tenderloin and handcrafted by our skilled master butchers and features an extraordinarily tender, buttery texture that is second to none. This is enhanced even further with a beautiful marbling that provides an even greater depth of flavor. With every bite, you will experience unparalleled tenderness that will literally melt in your mouth!

Whether you are enjoying lunch for four or a special date night for two; why settle for less than the best? Taste the difference today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bobby Burgess
Bobby’s review

Steaks are good, but do not appear to be center cut like in the past


These are the best filets I have ever eaten! My husband and I will be purchasing more of this quality meats!

Jeanne Sterba

Fantastic flavor, packing and delivery!

Susan Farr
AMAZING, even when “overcooked!”

These steaks are insanely flavorful and tender. My husband prepared them in butter and rosemary on the stove for us for Valentine’s Day, and I can attest that these tasted SO much better than the multiple steaks I’ve had from St. Elmo’s and similar steakhouses! The kicker - I’m pregnant and unfortunately had to have my steak cooked more than I typically like… I thought for sure it would be ruined. STILL amazing even then! We will be back for more soon! Such an enjoyable steak!!

Colleen B
Get. These. Filets.

These filets are so tender that they melt in your mouth. Love them! And I am a repeat buyer!