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The Mother Chucker Prime Burger (Pack of 2; 8oz each)


The Mother Chucker. We challenged ourselves to create the juiciest, most flavorful, and perfectly balanced burgers on earth! We start with hand-selected (and carefully aged) Prime Chuck and add in high-quality Outside Skirt steak trimmings & beef short rib to make an amazing burger.

Top it with cheese, bacon, or whatever you desire. If you’re looking for incredible steakhouse flavor, this exclusive HTMY blend gives even the fanciest burger joints a run for their money. 

Oozing with juiciness, this bodacious blend is guaranteed NOT to dry out on the grill. Napkins not included* (2) 8oz Burgers per pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best ever beefy flavor!

Wow! Real steakhouse burgers. Tender, juicy and flavor to die for. We all know home cooked burgers with grocery store ground beef yields you exactly that…tough, chewy and no flavor. Worth every penny to stock up on these for your freezer. You’ll not only impress your family and friends, but yourself!

Jimmie Richardson
yum yum

Great burgers hard to beat

Ron Burgess

Great burgers. Absolutely delicious!

Darren Lieberman
Excellent burger

I was impressed with the quality of the blended chopped meat burger. Really tasty and juicy a real winner.

Mary Lord
Look good

Hi Scott Fisher I didn't eat them yet nor the sausage but the breakfast sausage and the chives biscuits was awesome the bacon a little too salt for my family would love low sodium. 😊