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Why You Should Rack Your Meat..

Why You Should Rack Your Meat..

Rack’m up! Here’s a handy tip to ensure the best possible outcome on your Happy To Meat You Prime Steaks! It all starts with a baking/cooling rack.

Here’s why: Before cooking/grilling/pan searing, you always want to start with a DRY steak. If the steak has too much residual moisture, it will “steam” rather than “sear." Even after drying off with a paper towel, most folks then let it rest on a tray or plate, salt it, and continue to let it rest on the counter or in the fridge. The problem is, a ton of moisture is still trapped under the meat, (especially when the salt has drawn out some of the moisture), and is ultimately still wet. By drying, placing on a rack, then salting.. the steaks have plenty of air circulating and will avoid the meat sweats! Be sure to use a sheet pan under the rack to catch any of the salt and drippings that occur.

After generously seasoning with our favorite kosher salt, place the rack and tray into the fridge and let it cure for several hours or even overnight. Cool air will naturally work its magic on your dry brined steaks. Once out of the fridge, bring the provisions to room temperature, dab once more with paper towel to remove any residual moisture and then hit the grill like a champ!

Psst.. don’t forget to use the same type of rack (with a catcher pan underneath) to let your steak rest when finished cooking! If just left on a plate or cutting board, it will sit in it’s juices & steam the bottom of the steak- which could overcook your meat.

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