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Skirt Steak - Outer 1 lb (each)

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Prized for its incredible flavor, the outside skirt steak is one of our favorite cuts and features a distinct grain with large streaks of marbling. Unlike the “inner” skirt which can be extremely tendonous, making it tough and chewy (this is the “fajita” cut typically found in most grocery and even specialty meat markets), the outer skirt is extremely flavorful and incredibly tender. Once you try our outer skirt, you’re guaranteed to come back for more.

Customer Reviews

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Craig Goesel

The flavor of this cut is phenomenal. Better than the cuts I get from WF or my local butcher. Worth the extra few bucks!

Mike Bruce
Restaurants Use Cheap Stuff

Holy cow. I love tacos but I was blown away by how tacos are SUPPOSED to taste. After marinating this overnight, I took this to the grill, added some butter and lime, and created the most amazing tacos of my life. Each bite was more tender and delicious than the next. I wish I could give restaurants samples of this skirt to prepare for people because my mouth is drooling just thinking about how great this meat was. Wow.